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Top 15 Things To Do
In Arlington, VA

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After you’ve done your due diligence of contemplating Rembrandt’s Self Portrait at the National Museum of Art and standing in awe at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial at the National Mall, there’s a place right across the wild and wide Potomac River that is worth a brief respite from your Washington DC itinerary.

While the frequently visited and venerated Arlington National Cemetery is by far the tourism calling card of Arlington, Virginia, this county of roughly 230,000 residents is more than just the headquarters of the Pentagon, many varied government installations and the home of several important universities. Arts, culture, and nightlife are alive and well here, and you’d expect them to be when you consider that the county boasts the fifth highest median income in the United States. This area also has the highest concentration of unmarried people in the region. If these singles want to mingle, they’re going to have to have some places to go to do just that.

Here are 15 of the best reasons to spend a day in Arlington while on vacation in Washington DC.