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Traveling to Arlington

Just across the Potomac River at the foot of the Arlington Memorial Bridge is one of the most revered and respected sites anywhere in the United States. The Arlington National Cemetery receives over 3 million visitors every year where people from all over the world seek to learn and pay respect to those who lost their lives valiantly fighting for a cause larger than themselves.

This page serves as a guide for everything you should know prior to your travels to Arlington.

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Arlington, Virginia isn’t just the home of the Arlington National Cemetery, it’s a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, green spaces, and many places to explore.


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The impressive 639-acres that makes up this hallowed place contains stories and histories that date back to the time of the Civil War. From the Eternal Flame that stands forever vigilant at the grave of President John F. Kennedy to the solemn ritual of the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, learn more about this very special place.


As the seat of power of the United States of America, Washington DC is a city to behold. This is where laws are made, where Supreme Court cases are decided and where every event and person who helped shape it are commemorated in elegant granite and marble. Learn more about this extraordinary city here.